How to Use Tumblr for SEO

There are so many public networking systems out there these days that online promoters have to be involved about when marketing content online, that it can be easy to ignore some of the essential ones.

Tumblr is one of those public networking websites which is often neglected, but which has remarkable prospective for SEO and public online promotion. I myself was slowly to look at Tumblr as a public networking system, but once I began using it I became connected by its power and convenience. Hopefully by the end of this publish, you’ll experience the same.

In this publish these days I will be protecting 1) What Tumblr is and how it works, 2) The advantages of Tumblr in comparison to other public networking websites, and 3) Workable guidance on how you can use Tumblr for online promotion, such as particular content concepts.

Sounds good? Let’s get began.
Why should I care about Tumblr?

Before we get too far, let me provide some statistics about Tumblr which should help put factors into perspective:

130.5 thousand weblogs on Tumblr, as of Aug 2013
Twenty eighth maximum traffic website on the web according to Comscore
300 thousand exclusive per month guests according to Yahoo
50% of Tumblr clients are under the age of 25
53.5% of Tumblr guests are female

As you can see, the figures are large. There are now over 130 thousand Tumblr weblogs (known as “tumblrogs”), which creates Tumblr the biggest organized weblog system on the web, as opposed to 70 thousand weblogs organized on WordPress It has 300 thousand per month guests, generally 15% of all Online surfers. And it has a market that is exclusive in that 50% of the clients are under 25, many of whom are youngsters (whereas teenagers are allegedly getting rid of Facebook in droves).

Big manufacturers have taken observe of this too. In May, Google purchased Tumblr for $1.1 billion dollars (the biggest purchase of a customer Company online since Search engines purchased YouTube), and many of the biggest manufacturers already have a existence on Tumblr.

Big Brands on Tumblr

Clearly, if you’re not on Tumblr by now, you’re dropping behind the bend.
What is Tumblr?

So what the terrible is this Tumblr factor anyway? It can be hard to explain Tumblr because it brings together the performance of many different types of websites.

Tumblr = Facebook + WordPress

The way I like to think of Tumblr is as a combination between WordPress platforms and Facebook– Tumblr has all the writing a blog performance of a weblog system such as WordPress platforms, but also contains all the functions of a public website such as hashtags, following, discussing, and preference. Tumblr is just like Pinterest often, except instead of several forums you have a single weblog.

So although Tumblr is one of the most well-known writing a blog (or microblogging) systems on the web, it goes beyond just being a weblog and allows clients to discuss and like each other individuals content, adhere to other Tumblr weblogs, and discover new content through hashtags. It’s a weblog system with built-in public performance and amazing well-known prospective.
The advantages of Tumblr

Ok, so now we have a better idea of what Tumblr is and why it’s essential, but what are the advantages of Tumblr in comparison to other public networking websites and writing blog platforms? There are 5 key benefits:
1) Dofollow links

First the biggie, Hyperlinks from Tumblr, compared with most other public networking websites are dofollow. Tumblr is at its primary a writing a blog services, and you have full control of how your tumblrog seems to be, such as using dofollow links on your website.

Where factors get exciting is when you consider the public element of Tumblr. Tumblr has public discussing performance (called “reblogging” in Tumblr parlance) designed right in, and if you have a well-known publish it will be reposted to many other tumblrogs.

The factor is that each of these reblogs is a dofollow back-link to your exclusive post! That indicates if you have a published that is reblogged 100 times, your tumblr weblog just got 100 dofollow backlinks! For even more fun, you can consist of a weblink within the publish itself. By doing so, both your exclusive publish on Tumblr, and the website connected to within post will get the back-links.

Tumblr Backlinks

Just think about if every time your content got distributed on Facebook , all those stocks were dofollow back-links. Wouldn’t that be nice? With Tumblr, this is the situation. The same is also real with Google+ (Pinterest also lately dofollowed their links), but Tumblr has a more effective customer group and it’s much simpler to have your content go well-known on Tumblr.

Of course, you will want to be cautious about what type of anchor-text you’re using in this post-Penguin globe, but if you’re looking for some easy, dofollow back-links, Tumblr is the position to get them.
2) Excellent content discovery

Another significant benefit of Tumblr is that it has an excellent content finding system designed into it, thanks to its use of hashtags. If you’re ever looking for awesome images or memes, try looking Tumblr for the hashtag, and you’ll discover some excellent content.

The beauty of Tumblr is that individuals actually use hashtags for content finding (unlike, say, Facebook). This implies that by using appropriate and well-known labels, it’s a breeze for your content to get found on Tumblr, even if you don’t have many supporters.

Tumblr Hashtags

I have generally designed product new tumblrogs from the beginning and obtained a multitude of reblogs for my content, even though I had zero supporters. And keep in mind, on Tumblr reblogs are dofollow back-links. This is definitely not the situation on public networking websites such as Facebook, where your content probably isn’t going to get a lot of love unless you already have a large number of supporters.
3) Content examining ground

Another use for Tumblr is as a content examining floor. If you do a lot of public online promotion, you probably have plenty of memes and images that you are considering publishing to your Facebook web page, or you if you make your own memes you may have different modifications of a meme that you might want to analyze.

One of the methods that I like to use Tumblr is as a examining floor for new content that I’ve designed. Tumblr’s dash panel is date like Tweets vs the more curated strategy of Facebook’s information nourish, and the result of this is that you can publish a lot more content at once to Tumblr than you would want to on Facebook. Tumblr lovers are more flexible of less-than-outstanding content because they can generally search previous it, just like how clients surf Pinterest.

Testing Content on Tumblr

This creates Tumblr a excellent spot to publish a lot of content to discover which items execute the best. Then you can take the most well-known items and repost them to your other public networking information such as Facebook. And all the content you generate on Tumblr has a possibility of being found later, thanks to the use of hashtags.
4) Microsites

Tumblr is the most well-known microblogging systems on the globe, which also creates it a perfect system for establishing up microsites. You won’t get the same amount of versatility as you would with say a self-hosted WordPress platforms weblog, but tumblrogs are fast to set up, easy to handle, and 100 % free. And if you want to change from using a subdomain to your own sector address, it’s easy to change to a sector address you own in the Tumblr configurations.

Using Tumblr for microsites is a fantastic way to develop up a selection of web qualities with reasonable PageRank that you can then point back to your primary website. If you continually publish top quality content, it’s easy to get these tumblrogs to PR2 – PR4 within a few months.

Microsites are also an excellent choice if your primary product is incredibly serious, and you don’t actually want to affiliate it with memes and other foolish content that does well on Tumblr.
5) Branding

Branding Last, but certainly not least, Tumblr is another device in your selection to advertise your product online. Moreover to the other significant individuals such as Facebook and Tweets, Tumblr provides another possibility of you to set up your web existence. It’s another opportunity for you to interact with with lovers, interact with with prospective clients, and get your product name out there, especially if you want to focus on a young market. As the online professional Pat Flynn always says, the best online promotion technique online is to Be Everywhere.
Content concepts for Tumblr

Hopefully by now you’re assured of what an excellent opportunity Tumblr is for linking, content promotion, and marketing. You may have even gone forward and designed your own tumblrog. But what type of content does well on Tumblr?

Tumblr, like most other individuals, is a visible method. That indicates that fascinating images and images will do better on Tumblr than long type written text. If you’re already performing effective public networking strategies on websites such as Facebook and Google+, then recycling the same content you’re publishing there is an excellent technique.

If you want some particular example of content to publish on Tumblr, here are 4 types of content that I’ve found execute incredibly well Tumblr:
1) Memes

SEO He Gosling

Memes are my preferred type of content to advertise on public networking. Memes are just the perfect type of content for individuals to eat and discuss via public networking programs, and they’re well-known almost by meaning. You can have a lot of achievements just by curating crazy memes relevant to your market that you discover across the web, but the biggest prospective can be found in developing your own. If you want to try your hand at making memes with some serious well-known prospective, examine out this publish I had written for the Moz weblog.
2) Photos/illustrations

As with Pinterest and Facebook, powerful images are some of the most well-known items of content on Tumblr. This is especially real since there is a large userbase of youngsters with interest covers that are smaller than even most Tweets lovers.

Creating great images isn’t easy, but it’s not difficult to do if you have a accessibility a DSLR. Even if your cameras are not up to snuff, applications such as Instagram can take your common images and provides them a classic think that attracts the teenager and hipster market.

Moz Rogerbot

Drawings and cases also do very well on Tumblr, and if you have an in-house graphics group, definitely make use of that. Even if you don’t have visible skills, you can go to websites such as Fiverr, Elance, and DeviantArt to get customized paintings designed for you that’s particular to your market.

If all else is not able, you can just curate other individuals images and paintings and see some results, but always be cautious of any trademark problems, and provides credit score where credit score is due.
3) Quotes

Quotes are an incredibly easy type of content to make that incredibly few promoters are using. Quotations are fantastic because they’re easy to make, even if you don’t even have any visible skills. Just take an motivational quotation, put it over an eye-catching picture (or even just a simply background), and you instantly have a item of content that can go well-known not just on Tumblr, but on websites like Facebook, Pinterest, and Google+ as well. It’s a breeze.

Matt Cutts Quote
4) Cartoon GIFs

Like Google+, Tumblr allows you to use animated GIFs in your content. These are really well-liked with Tumblr clients.

Now, developing animated GIFs is beyond my capabilities, but it’s really easy to just take current animated GIFs, add a brilliant caption to them, and publish them on your tumblrog. Immediate back-links, assured.

When my customer requests me why their positions go up and down every day, I’m like…

I dunno

For an excellent example of this, examine out the This Advertising Life Tumblr. It’s an incredibly crazy website, and has a PageRank of 5 to start. You can locate great animated GIFs to use by looking Tumblr for labels such as “animated GIF” or generally “GIF”. There are also websites such as ForGIFS which contain nothing but crazy animated GIFs.

Tumblr is one of the biggest public networking and writing a blog system on the globe, yet it is often ignored by online promoters. Hopefully this publish has revealed you why you should add Tumblr to your promotion mix, as well as offered you with tangible content concepts you can use to generate achievements on your tumblrog.

I have designed a multitude of Tumblr weblogs over the last year, and I can assurance you that if you use the content concepts above, and publish regularly, you will be able to develop up a large following on Tumblr and develop some powerful back-links to your websites, as well as enhance your content and develop your product online.

If you have any concerns, you can publish in content or hit me up on Tweets. You can also examine out more of my ramblings on my weblog. This publish was tailored from a demonstration I offered at SMX Greater.

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